NorthStar Automation is a software technology company that specializes in automated data collection with a core competency in warehouse management. The ownership has a combined 55+ years of being in the technology industry. We work with customers that manage inventory within a warehouse and are at the stage of advancing their operations with technology within a budget. The NorthStar WMS is a feature rich WMS and is fully compatible to seamlessly integrate with most ERP / Accounting systems, EDI, shopping carts and shipping carriers. The NorthStar WMS is a web-based system utilizing the latest in Microsoft technology in both .NET programming and a SQL database.





The NorthStar WMS was designed and built from the ground up for the small to midsize company that has market demands that require a robust system vs. an off the shelf system usually lacking in deeper warehouse operations functionality. Our experience has taught us that one size does not fit all situations. In many cases we see on average that we meet 90% of required functionality. The remaining 10% is based on unique business and process rules and demanding customer requirements.


A company that is deciding to implement a WMS whether it is an upgrade from an older legacy system or migrating from pen / paper, spreadsheet and tribal knowledge. Also budgets, timing, short and long term goal and your buying process all come into play when deciding on a WMS. A buying process will always trump a sales process and NorthStar Automation can provide the flexibility and the best TOC, total cost of ownership for either a SaaS subscription, capital expenditure, technology lease with a $1 dollar buy-out or a highbred rent to own option.


NorthStar Automation provides an up-front process and mutually agreed upon document, a Functional Definition (FD). This process will help determine alignment with your business fit and a blue print for implementing a warehouse management system. It can be broken down into 4 categories:

  1. A business assessment to discover:
    • Is there a business fit and strategic alignment?
    • What is the TCO (total cost of ownership), Is there funding approval and what are the risks?
    • Are all the departments involved? No decisions in a vacuum.
  2. Development of the Functional Definition:
    • Blueprint of the project and SOW (Statement of Work)
    • People, processes and technology mapping
    • Eliminate, enhance and or combine material handling
    • Best options per hardware
    • Data integration for importing and exporting data
    • Is it better to make a process change or a source code modification
  3. Project management:
    • Expectation and deliverables management
    • Status tracking and reporting for total project transparency
    • Post implementation assessment and an ongoing checklist
  4. Value creation and customer alignment:
    • The FD is a working document and continues through conception, approval and implementation for measuring success. The FD will define the roadmap to a successful rollout and establishes an on-going partnership.








NorthStar Automation will comply with your operational requirements as it relates to support. This can be set up on an email ticking system and or direct phone support. Support can be set up for a <2 hour response and resolution plan.