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Functional Definition (FD) a blueprint for implementing the NorthStar WMS

NorthStar Automation provides an up-front process and mutually agreed upon document, a Functional Definition (FD). This process will help determine alignment with your business fit and a blue print for implementing a warehouse management system. It can be broken down into 4 categories:

A business assessment to discover:

– Is there a business fit and strategic alignment?

– What is the TCO (total cost of ownership), Is there funding approval and what are the risks?

– Are all the departments involved? No decisions in a vacuum.

Development of the Functional Definition:

– Blueprint of the project and SOW (Statement of Work)

– People, processes and technology mapping

– Eliminate, enhance and or combine material handling

– Best options per hardware

– Data integration for importing and exporting data

– Is it better to make a process change or a source code modification

Project management:

– Expectation and deliverables management

– Status tracking and reporting for total project transparency

– Post implementation assessment and an ongoing checklist

Value creation and customer alignment:

– The FD is a working document and continues through conception, approval and implementation for measuring success. The FD will define the roadmap to a successful rollout and establishes an on-going partnership.