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Warehouse Managment

Warehouse management is defined as the continuous attempt to operate and improve the processes, organizational structure and the use of information technology as well as collaboration with supply chain partners within the warehouse.

What level is your warehouse management?

A warehouse will usually fall into one of four categories:

1.) Reactive Stage / A manager has to react constantly to the same events that occur in the warehouse on a daily or even an hourly basis. It relays on paper, manual data entry and individual heroics to make things happen.  Usually they have to manage people and not processes.

2.) Effective Stage / By standardizing on management of the warehouse and setting goals to for cost and performance levels, the warehouse can now become an effective link within the supply chain.

3.) Responsive Stage/ A responsive warehouse utilizes information technology, introducing new planning and control principles that respond in real-time to events. Now they can start to mange by process and not people, thus everyone is on the same page.

4.) Collaborative Stage / Management looks beyond the 4 walls of the warehouse. In this stage the collaborative warehouse looks to improve the performance of the entire supply chain through better collaboration.

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