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Allows for repacking of items and UOM conversions. For example taking a case of 50 items and repacking to 5 cases of 10 items.  The system allows you to take items… Read more »


The 3PL (Third Party Logistics) module provides tracking of items, orders and inventory by specific customers. It provides the ability to set storage fees, assign rates to specific tasks performed… Read more »


SnapShot is a corporate dashboard providing real-time data, 24-7.  The dashboard provides users a quick visual of what is happening on the warehouse floor.  It allows for a date range… Read more »

Lot Master

The NorthStar WMS allows for assigning lot numbers to quantities of an item within the warehouse. The lot numbers are utilized to track material from raw material into production and… Read more »

Allergen Control

For food-related companies that need to manage storage and handling of allergens and provide proof that keeping separate is within FDA compliance.  This control method can also be set up… Read more »