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The NorthStar WMS utilizes a Report writer.  The system comes with over 60+ standard reports and allows for adding unlimited reports for business driving information.  Receiving Reports 1. Back Order 2. Closed… Read more »

Build Pallet

The Build Pallet functionality in the WMS essentially allows you to create a Pallet of Items and move them between warehouses, or locations within a warehouse.  Create pallet license plates… Read more »


The NorthStar WMS Mobile (RF Wireless) Module is configurable per multiple options.  In conjunction to picking, the system is designed to utilize barcode scanners for all warehouse transactions.

Directed Put-Away

The system allows for optimization per the storage of goods in your warehouse and putting inventory into the most appropriate location based on your business rules and pre-configured into the… Read more »

Move Item / Container

Container/pallet movement can be done either through the workstation or on the mobile device.  The screen shot below is from the mobile device.